Sturgis Biker Rally

We are fast approaching one of the biggest biker rally’s of the year.

Sturgis Bike rally is coming up in just a few days!

Sturgis Bike Rally 78th year is coming up: August 3rd to August 12th. Are you ready? This is 10 days/nights of fun in the sun. (and a few thunderstorms as well)

Forecasthot sun

The weather is going to be fairly hot. From the low 80s – high 80s with some cloud coverage and a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. So be prepared, rain gear is a must for this adventure.


There are so many beautiful rides that you can discover during the day. The scenery is beautiful nothing short of amazing! Here are a few of my favorite rides. You can find maps of all rides on line.

  1. The Badlands – Easy ride, 3 hours and 158 miles Rapid City Rapid
  2. Central – Easy ride, 3 hours and 71 miles Rapid City
  3. Northern – Moderate to challenging 2.5 hours and 100 miles Sturgis.
  4. Southern – Moderate 2.5 miles and 100 miles Hill City.
  • These are just to name a few. When choosing a ride it’s good to make sure you are prepared for any types of weather. It will start out very HOT but the rain might come so be ready!


There are endless events that you can watch and/or be part of. Some events besides the wonderful rides, concerts and vendors are: The Burger Battle, Ride with Locals, Beard and Mustache contest, Military appreciation day, tattoo contest and the Mayor Poker run.


Here are a few of the concerts that will be going on throughout the week. Kid Rock, Buckcherry, Trace Adkins, Eric Church and Jackyl to name a few.

Barsbar photo

There is also awesome and amazing bars. One Eyed Jacks Saloon, The Knuckle, The Buffalo Chip, the Oasis and Full Throttle.

Yes, Full Throttle has made a come back! After a horrible fire a few years back I am happy to say that Full Throttle was back last year (in a different location) and will continue to grow for years to come. Full Throttle was one of my favorite places to visit when I was attending the rally. I did not go last year but previous years I had fun Zip lining above the crowd as well as concerts all day and all night!

Sturgis Rules

cop car

Please remember that the Sturgis Police are out in full force and that is a good thing, they are there to protect us.

  • No drinking and driving. It seems the past several years the DUI arrests keep going up and up. Please be careful. There are shuttles and buses that you can take.
  • No Illegal drugs! SD has a zero tolerance for all drugs and will arrest you. (yes, even if you only have a little weed and are from Colorado)
  • Follow all Traffic signals – as always make sure to stop at all red lights and stop signs. You must wait don’t pass on the right shoulder.
  • Bike modifications – You can get a ticket if your pipes are too loud. I know, that is a strange one but if you have to question your pipes make sure to get them checked out so that you don’t get a ticket.
  • Indecent exposure – There is no dress code but keep your naughty parts covered at all times.
  • Under 18 must wear a helmet and all riders need eye protection
  • Parking violations. It gets packed downtown so be patient and expect to walk a bit if you are riding. Don’t park in a no parking zone you will get a ticket.

Get your Bucket List ready!to do list

Whether you are going for the entire time or for just a few days you will have a great time. There is way too much to see and do so if there are things that really grab your attention figure out when and where those events are taking place. Write down all the adventures that you want to have. You might get sidetracked and miss a few things on your list but don’t forget there is always next year!

Please send pictures! I would love to see them!

Be safe and have fun!!







Classy Vs.Trashy

I just read a comment on one of my posts about the name Classy Biker Babes, “Isn’t classy Biker Babes an oxymoron”?

I responded with, “There is a fine line between classy and trashy.”

So what is the fine line between Classy Vs. Trashy? It really stops to make you think!!

?Who are we to judge?

I am trying so hard to be less judgmental of others. I do believe that it is human nature to judge. What I am trying to do is practice putting myself in someone else’s shoes, finding common ground, being grateful for what I have and show compassion. Why is it If someone is feeling good about themselves we judge them? Isn’t feeling good what it’s all about? Why must we knock each other down? It’s time to build each other up!!!!!!

Wouldn’t that be great if we could all be less judgmental of others and just enjoy the diversity?

RomeThe saying goes when in Rome…

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When visiting a far away or foreign land, it is wise to always follow the customs of those who live there. Or, when you are in an unfamiliar situation, make sure you follow the lead of those who know what is going on.

It’s like follow the leader!    No, I am not saying if the sheep you are following were to jump off of the cliff would you should follow, not at all.

Define trashy

I looked up the common meaning of trashy and come up with this list.

  • No goals in life
  • Low self-esteem
  • Acting irrational
  • over compensate
  • Disrespectful of self and others

Define classy

Here is my classy list:

  • Goal oriented
  • Mature and wise
  • A good friend
  • Kind and gentle
  • Respectful of self and others

How to enjoy it all

It’s not about clothes, make-up, jewelry, hairstyles or even wealth and fame! It’s about being a good person. Trying to build each other up and take care of one another.

There is a time and place for most anything! Use common sense!

Am I saying you should wear an outfit that is appropriate for a bike rally to a children party? No, in most cases that would be a fairly silly thing to do. Now, if someone came to a children party with an inappropriate outfit on what would I do? Well, I would go back to what I am trying to practice on my own which is, practicing putting myself in someone else’s shoes, finding common ground and being grateful for what I have and show compassion.

The bottom Linebeach dark dawn

Be yourself!!!

If you can’t be yourself who can you be? If you see someone walking down the street and perhaps the way this person looks and or acts isn’t how you would ask yourself, is this person hurting me? Is this person hurting others? If your answer is No, just move on and be happy.

Life is too short to be miserable, maybe if you are trying to tear others down you might want to look in the mirror and make sure you are right with yourself first!

I would love to hear your thoughts?  Please leave me a comment below!

Thank you

Biker Rallies – The Family Vacation, or is it?

From all the rallies that I have been to, I have seen children running around enjoying some events, I have also seen kids who are completely freaked out. I think that is great if the children really are having fun. It seems to me that Rallies tend to be crowded, loud, dirty and R rated. Oh who am I kidding, X – rated to XXX – rated.

So, is a rally the best place to take your children on the family vacation?

Who are these bikers we speak of?

Let’s be real, before I knew much about the biker world it was a bit intimidating. In fact, bikers seem to be stereotyped as crazy, dirty, careless and heartless people who are against the law; they are all about sex, and partying.

Bikers have careers and work 40 hours plus a week, They also have family and friends from all walks of life. They are decent, law-abiding citizens that are out to have a good time, let loose and enjoy themselves.

Please be respectful to all bikers, learn to read patches these will tell a very important story and remember for many it’s not a show but the way of life.

Bikers help each other

My husband and I had a flat tire while riding and within a few minutes we had 3 motorcycle riders stopped to make sure we were OK and asked what they could do to help us out. Not one time did a passing car even glance over at us.

Another instance took place at a Poker Run where there were many bikes all around the same area. This lady took a spill on her bike. She was a little torn up but OK. Not one biker passed by her, in fact, every single biker stopped their bikes to make sure she was not hurt. It was so nice to see every single person had concerns. That is what a Biker is all about.

Bikers look out for each other and will help anyone in need!

Rallies are known for sex, partying, rock and roll!

A rally is a place for like-minded people with the same passion, the love for motorcycle riding can get together and enjoy each other! This is a time for fellow riders to ride in beautiful areas it’s a place free from negative judgment!

With that being said YES, rallies tend to have tons of adult activities.

It’s a place to let loose and enjoy!

Family Time

If you decide to bring your child or children to a Rally make sure to choose your accommodations carefully, some camp sites have nude parades as well as other adult activities and loud music during the day and all night long; while others are a bit more calm. Also, keep in mind that some areas don’t even allow children.

It’s up to you!

So with everything that we have talked about, I would not want to bring children with me to a rally. But, that is only because I can barely keep track of myself and I think kids might find it a bit boring!

Would you bring your children to a Bike Rally? Please leave your thoughts! I would love to hear from you!

BIKER RALLIES…too much fun!

One of my most favorite things to do is go to a ‘big’ bike rally. There is nothing better than the rumble of hundreds even thousands of motorcycles; all showing pride and excitement in what they are all passionate about.

I love to meet new, interesting people! This is one of the best ways to submerge yourself in all the excitement of the biker world. So many great times and wonderful memories. Biker Rallies are an exhilarating and crazy experience all rolled into one!

What exactly is a biker rally?

A Biker Rally is a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walk of life. Many people travel days to get to their destination. Most of the bigger rallies are held annually and can last up to 10 plus days. Rallies include but are not limited to live music great for concert fanatics, races, games, motorcycle shows, camping and even a wedding or two and tons of awesome vendors.

What is a good Rally to start with if you have never been?

There are many websites where you can check out all the 2018 Rallies. Start with a smaller one that is close to home. That way you can see if it’s something that you would enjoy.

When you plan on an event further from home, don’t forget to carefully check out places to stay while there. Remember to pick accordingly. If you don’t mind no sleep and constant noise that is fine there will be plenty of places for you to stay. If you are like me and need some quiet time there are also places like that.

Also, keep in mind, everything will be very expensive right next to or close to the event. Many bikers will have their temporary home base outside of town, close to the event.

I would also suggest making a ‘bucket list’ of what you want to see and do while you are at the rally. There is so many activities’ day and night that it’s almost impossible to catch everything there is to do; try to have a guideline or at least an idea of things you for sure would like to experience while in town.

Top 3 U.S. Rallies

1. Sturgis Biker Week – South Dakota

Starting in 1938 in the small town of Sturgis South Dakota it is now one of the largest biker rallies today. The Sturgis gathering has grown over the years with the rally average anywhere from 450,000 to 800,000 in attendance.

2. Daytona Biker Week – Florida

Daytona Biker Week has been in running for almost 70 years. Currently, the rally has over 500,000 bikers attend over the 10-day event. There are also many tourist attractions close by including Kennedy Space Center, The Silver Springs state park and some really cool themed water parks.

3. LaConia Motorcycle Week – New Hampshire

Overall this is a much smaller affair compared to Sturgis and Daytona but the small town in New Hampshire is actually the oldest biker rally in the county, according to their official website. The New England lake in Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the state and you can cruise the tree lined roadway on your bike. They have unique events like the largest beer belly contest. Who could pass that up?

Let’s get rolling!

ready to rollThe above rallies are just a very few to think about going to!! There are thousands of biker events all over the county!

I really enjoy going to all the vendors and supporting them. Everyone needs at least a t-shirt, patch and or pin to remind them of this amazing fun filled event!

As always have fun and stay safe!

Women’s Biker Shirt – The good the bad and the ugly!

Hello all you Classy Biker Babes!!

With so many shirts out there to wear while on a motorcycle I thought I would share some useful tips as to what some of my favorite tops are and why. We have so many choices, it’s hard to decide. It comes down to, does it fit well and are you comfortable?

Another great tip that I have learned, the hard way, is make sure to have a good fitting, support bra! So now we may ask? What women’s biker shirt is best for you? Let’s see if we can figure that out!

Support your Girls!

First and foremost a GOOD support bra is number one! The ladies that are built similar to me might even want to check into a sports bra. I know that ladies support brathey are not as fancy but they sure do help with all the bumps in the road.

Wicker is where it’s at!

When it is cold out it is nice to have a long sleeve, silky undershirt. This is form fitting and not bulky so you can add most anything on top of it. They are lightweight and keep you nice and warm. These silk type shirts also come in tanks and short sleeves and they feel amazing on!!

Tank Top

I tend to layer so some of my first layer will be a nice, great looking, semi form fitting tank top. Oh some of my gosh, there are some amazing tank tops out there. You can always get a biker name brand tank but you do not have to. There are amazing, unbelievable tops that will fit any style!tank top

T-shirts are some of my obsession!

When I say T-shirt I don’t mean the regular old men’s t-shirts (though I do love those too!)I am talking about a nice fitting women t-shirt. There are so many patterns and colors to chose from. I love to check out all the styles on line.

One of some of my favorite things to do is cut some of my own t-shirts to make them customized. There are plenty of tutorials online you can learn from. Big suggestion don’t start experimenting on your favorite shirt. I would do at least one if not more trial runs on shirts that you will not be sad if you mess them up! Once you get the feel for what you like and how it looks the sky is the limit!!

Slim fit or baggy?

This is all up to you! What do you feel your best in? I like to start out some of my layers with form fitting and tend to get baggier with some of my layers. Make your top layer is the loosest fitting you are set to go. There is nothing worse than trying to put on your slim fitting jacket over a big, baggy sweat shirt. Yes, that is not going to work!


There are no rules in what to wear and when to wear it. That is the beauty of fashion in the biker world. As long as you feel good about what you are wearing and are comfortable that is the key! Look in the mirror and are not 100 percent sure you are feeling it, maybe it’s just not for you! Do you have a true, honest friend? Ask for opinions. Again, there are no rules and I am not here to judge it’s all about  how you look and feel your absolute best in both comfort and style!

Harley Davidson Eda Boots Review – Now that is Great Style

My Harley Davidson Eda Boots are my go to boots and I really love them. The thing that first attracted me to them was they are fair priced and when I tried them on, they fit perfectly. (Comfort is the KEY)AMAZON

Can Someone Help Me Get My Boots Off?

I really like that fact that these are a soft leather so there was no break in time for these. Have you ever had those boots that just never really fit right? You have to carry band aids everywhere you go? Limping around wishing EDA BOOTyou had a back up pair of shoes with you is no fun!

The leather seems durable, yet easy on the feet. Got to love the comfort!!

At times, I am lazy and  that is the reason I am obsessed with boots that have the zipper on the side. That way I can put them on for the first time and get them adjusted to how I like them.  After that all I have to do is zip them! It makes it so easy to put them on as well as taking them off after a long ride.  Easy as pie.

Time to Ride

I like to use these boots for almost all of my riding. They are very flexible so that makes it easy for you to get on and off of your bike. I also have been known to use these when there is snow on the ground because they have excellent traction and fairly warm!

Best Features

These boots are rugged, stylish and classy all wrapped up into one!

  1. Comes in many sizes
  2. Rubber sole – for traction
  3. Full length cushion lining – for comfort
  4. YKK locking inside zipper – for ease
  5. Lightweight – comfortable

Pro’s and Con’s that I noticed

What first attracted to me with these boots was how durable and stylish they are, and for the price you can’t beat them. I also like that they are very comfortable and easy to wear.

My only issue is that the leather seems to look and feel bit cheap, though I have had mine for many years and they are holding up great!

Would You Buy Eda’s again?

Would I buy these exact boots again? Well; these have been my go to boots for years now and they are holding up great so I don’t need another pair but if my boots went missing or I lost them? I would be very sad so yes, I would for sure buy this exact pair of boots again.

Has anyone else had any experience with these boots? Would you buy them again? What is your favorite riding boots?

Thanks all!

Have a great day!

Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets…how to choose!

How do I choose which one?

So, how do we do that? How do we find the best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets out there to fit our needs? I guess there are a few questions we need to ask ourselves before we get started.

1st Question to ask yourself?clouds cuntry

Where will you be riding? I know this question is always easy to answer especially if you are a passenger on the bike. It is a great idea to find out where you are going so you can prepare yourself with the proper riding gear.

If you have mountains and choose to go on a ride in the mountains you would really need a lightweight jacket, a heavy jacket and rain wear. The weather around here moves fast and it is very important to prepare for all elements.

If you are in a sunny state maybe a rain jacket would suffice? Or if it rains all the time rain gear is a must. I posted about that time… that ONE time getting caught in a crazy downpour; that was the worst. I nice thing about rain gear is its easy to take with you since it doesn’t take up too much space, since space tends to be an issue at times.

2nd & 3rd Questions are.Sunset in Frederick

When will you be riding? What time of day? If it is in the summer and you go for a short afternoon run you perhaps would only need a lighter weight jacket; even if it is Summer and you plan on being out from early morning until night its best to have a motorcycle rain gear as well as a light jacket.

Leather for me!

There are different types of material for jackets.

  1. Leather (most popular and lasts longer)
  2. textile (is very good for an all season)
  3. Mesh (is more for lighter weather)

Those and a combination of those are some more popular materials. I have a few riding jackets but I tend to lean towards the leather Jackets. I like them because they offer good protection as well as they look amazing and last a long time if you take good care of them.

If looking to purchase a new jacket check to if you can find one with a zip out liner then can unzip it and stow it away when it gets too hot. I prefer not having a hood on my jacket but that is also an option if you choose. Some ladies like the idea of a hood you can layer up with a hoodie underneath your jacket or you can find one that comes with

There are so many amazing looking women’s Motorcycle Jackets out there so I say do some research on what feels best for you and go for it!

Still, so many choices!

Once you find out where and when you will be riding the next step is to check the weather forecast to see what the area is ‘supposed’ to be doing that day; as we all know this isn’t always accurate but it gives us a nice starting point.

Always remember that being comfortable first and for most is the key to a successful ride! Looking amazing comes naturally when you are riding in the wind!

I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or comments feel free to chime in!

Talk to you all soon!

Bandana? Headband? Or is it a Neck Gaiter…

head wrap 072018What is the difference?

I have always wondered why there are so many names for a bandana. Since I have been riding I have tried pretty much every bandana, headband, neck gaiter out there. And to be honest with every company has a different name but they are all close to the same thing in fact, I don’t think there is that much difference.

I looked up the meaning of bandana and found that besides the spelling differences in different countries, it is a large cloth that is worn on your head or neck. OK, now that we have that settled. They are made out of all types of materials, sizes and shapes.

I know when I hear the word bandana I automatically think of the cotton cloth type used on a ranch. I have found that those are not always the best for my hair. They are harder to work with and there has been a time of two when I have had my hair stuck in the knot. That is not a very classy look when you are in tears while trying to get your cool bandana off of your head.

I prefer the silky, satin type with the stretchable back. They tend to stay on better and feel more comfortable. I also love the long tubular, neck gaiters, those are easy to put on and take off, they are also very versatile.


You can also wear a bandana (or two) as a halter top. This is a very inexpensive way to make a cute super top. You can pick up most any color for fairly cheap and you can also add your own bling to an otherwise generic bandana. It’s fun, creative and best of all unique! What a better way to keep cool in the summer? Looking good and keeping cool it is a win!

Other uses for a bandana

There are countless other ways to use a bandana so keep a few handy. I like to sit on one, yes; when the motorcycle seat gets too hot from sitting in the sun it makes a great barrier. I like to tie one on the seat when we go into an event. If there are 100’s of bikes it is nice to have that pop or color to help find your bike. Trust me this happens. I know all bikes are different but they all look very similar when you are looking at 100’s at a time. I have used them on my wrist (I love the 80’s). Oh and speaking of the 80’s you can always tie one on your boot.

Try it you’ll like it

So to wrap this up! (LOL) there are tons of different headbands, hair wraps, neck warmers all similar but not all the same. Find what is most comfortable for you and off you will ride into the sunset!

Stay safe and have fun!

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you!!

Motorcycle Poker Run, what is it all about?

poker handWhy are all these bikers riding together in a large group?

Have you ever been on your way for a nice Saturday outing and have been stopped by the police at a green light to let a bunch of bikers through? Was this a gang? No, this is a Motorcycle Poker run! Some people wave while others look very out of sorts for having to stop. Or maybe they are out of sorts because they want to be on the run with us?!

It’s a poker run!

Poker runs are one of my favorite things to do on a beautiful Saturday. This is typically an all day event. Most of the time is it doesn’t have to be just motorcycles anyone one on 2, 3 or 4 wheels can attend.

The Poker runs that I have attended are always organized events and in most cases are annual. I have seen a few ‘new’ runs over the past several years but it seems that only a few or the larger groups last past the first year or two.

The amount of work and effort that all the volunteers put together to create a run is very time time-consuming. I give a cheers to all the hard-working volunteers!!

2018 Poker Run Franks
We are off! First Motorcycle Run of the year! 2018

Why all this hard work?

Poker runs are a great way to raise money and bring awareness to a great cause. There are many great runs, one of my favorites is a special ride for children with a terminal or potential terminal illness.

The children and their families get to be the guests of honor. We have kids riding on sidecars, muscle cars and limousines. They are in the front of the line with all their riding gear on ready to go.

I love to stand and watch all the happy little faces as they go by. I wave to all of them and watch their faces light up as they take off on their adventure, I am so appreciative to be a part of their special day.F PKAN

Rules? What rules?

The rules are simple.

Everyone meets at a starting out point which is usually a bar or a lodge around 8 to 9am. You pay your fee sign your waiver and they give you a map of 5 destinations as well as a score card. You select your first card they give it a stamp and off you go! The participant at the last stop with the best poker hand is the winner!

The final destination…

Our final stop is at a bar, restaurant, lodge and sometimes even a large farm. (with cows and everything). There are usually other events going on as well. I think I could write an entire post on the final destination. What a great day to contribute to a significant cause!

Eric me and Kenny 2018
Final destination was Anderson Farms!

Motorcycle Passenger Comfort

Estes with the ZI have mentioned this before and I am sure I will again but comfort is the key in life. Being miserable or uncomfortable is no way to spend your day.

What if you could just change up a few simple things while riding? Here are some easy and perhaps no brainier ideas. It is nice to have a good base of what is and isn’t important, especially when you are first starting out! I wish I had this list back in the day.

Here are a few items that I always bring when riding with my husband on his bike. In this case it’s the little things I will focus on because Motorcycle Passenger Comfort is essential for having a great time and it’s the small things that make a huge difference for me!

Where is the next stop?

Water is the number one thing that I tended to forget when I first started out riding. Being out on the hot asphalt or dusty back roads and far away from any amenities you will be thankful that you packed few water bottles for the rode.

I like to pack my tall thin stainless steel bottles with mostly all ice so that when I am ready for a drink the water is still a bit cold and very refreshing. Since there isn’t too much extra storage so a few big bottles may take up room in the space you do have available. That is why I like to use my own bottles and not the plastic disposable ones.

  • They don’t take up as much room
  • They last much longer keeping your water colder for most of the day. (you can also fill them up when you do make it to your destination)
  • The lid is fairly secure so they don’t leak all over the rest of your gear. With flimsy bottles I have noticed that we had a few more accidents with water spilling all over. That is the worst when the weather becomes a bit colder and all you have is your wet heavy jacket.
  • I am also a fan of not wasting all that plastic.

Another big item is food. Again, not a ton of room to store much but it’s important to have at least a few items to snack on while taking a break. In my bag you will find:

  • Trail mix or mixed nuts. Some trail mix may have chocolate in them, unless you have a way to keep it out of the heat I would highly recommend no chocolate. It tends to make a huge mess.
  • Cereal or Protein bars. Everyone has their favorite kind. I always have a few of those handy.
  • Beef Jerky. (I don’t eat meat but my husband does, I have found that this is a very good thing to keep on board.
  • Dried Fruit. You can always mix your dried fruit with your nuts to take up less space but I like to keep them separate.
  • Fruit. Do you have room? If so, throw a few pieces of fruit in your bag and go for it. The best thing ever is a nice juicy orange on the side of the road.
  • Seeds. I love all types of seeds, I suggest having them shelled only since this is a huge time saver.
  • Individual packed nut butter. Yummy!snacks for the road

Watch out that Sun will get you!

There is nothing worse than riding with chapped lips. I live in a very dry state so Lip balm is a daily (all day every day) routine. I always keep my SPF lip balm within close reach at all times. Some most of us carry a lip balm of some sort with us but I try to keep one in my pocket just in case of an emergency when I need to reapply quickly.

With that being said, I always have a small bottle of sunscreen with me.  When riding with a short sleeve shirt on you may not feel how much sun you are actually getting until it’s too late. With the breeze of the air and all the beautiful scenery you may lose sight of how much your skin is burning. Riding for more than one day? This can make for a very uncomfortable next day out. Sunset in Frederick


Ouch I have a headache… First Aid Kit

With all the loud pipes, roaring motors, hot wind, bright sun and dust it is so very important to pack a pain reliever just in case you get a headache.

In fact, I suggest putting together a small first aid kit. It is a good idea to carry band aids, antibacterial gel, moist towelettes antacids and feminine products. You might not need one of the above items  but I can guarantee you someone that you are riding with will. This could really save them from having a bad trip. Can you imagine? You will be a hero!!

I can’t see!

There is nothing worse than dry eyes. I tend to get blurry vision as well was my eyes hurt when blinking. Being on the motor cycle there are many factors as to why your eyes may be sore. Besides the wind being out in the fresh air I tend to get allergies so that contributes to my painful eyes. There is nothing better than to put a few drops to relieve the irritation and in my case it also helps with my allergies. Don’t forget if you are problems with dry eyes a nice pair of goggles sure makes a big difference!

Why be miserable?

So here are a few ideas to be comfortable as a passenger on the back of the bike. These are ideas that you can do without much cost involved. Later we will be looking into other more big ticket items for comfort as well. The reason I chose these to begin with is they are cost effective and it’s a great way to start out to see if you are ready to get into more serious riding. I am not a huge fan of long rides but I am equipped to when needed.

k and l biker break
Pretty in Pink